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Video Data Collection for Every Cage & Animal

Core Products

Injectable Rodent RFID Tag

Continuous Home Cage Video Monitoring

SwiftSENSE Continuous Home Cage Video Monitoring

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​What is It?
  • Novel Home Cage Video Monitoring System

  • 24/7 footage at every cage

  • Retrofits to Existing Racks at Low Cost

    • Allentown, Innovive, ACS SMART system, Alternative Design, Lab Products, etc.​

  • Continuous Video Monitoring of Entire Colonies

  • Easy Visual Cage & Animal Inspection

  • Document Home Cage Behaviors for Scientific Use.

  • Custom Automated Tracking Services

    • We work with you to design customized behavior tracking.

Starter Kit

Introductory package to try the product or for small labs & organizations

  • Premium Access to SwiftSCIENCE Platform

  • Remote Video-Based Monitoring​

  • Up to 4 Camera Setups

  • Basic SwiftSupport

  • 3-Month Minimum Contract

  • Hardware Rental is included as part of the monthly subscription fee

  • No Setup Fees

$200 / Month


For labs organizations that want to monitor large numbers of cages.

  • Premium Access to SwiftSCIENCE Platform

  • Remote Video-Based Monitoring​

  • 1 or More Cameras for Every Cage

  • Continuous Animal Monitoring

  • Longer Video and Data Storage

  • Premium SwiftSupport

  • Unlimited Number of Cameras

  • Access to Cutting Edge Features Under Development

  • Custom Integrations and Setups

Starting at:

$2.50 / Cage / Month

+ Pricing varies based on # of cameras & feature set

+ Initial setup fees - starting at $2,000

* Nonprofits may be eligible for Zero ($0) Hardware cost systems w/ everything included. 

Use Cases

How does Camera Technology Help?

Is there something you want to track in the home cage but you currently cannot? Example: tracking time spent grooming. 

Complete this form to tell us about it and we'll be in touch soon to help!

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ROI on ABSL3 (11 × 8.5 in) (11 × 8.5 in) (11 × 8.5 in) (11 × 8.5 in).png

SwifTAG Injectable RFID Tags

Benefits of Unique Individual ID using RFID
  • Permanent ID with a 15-digit unique identifier

  • Never worry about having the wrong animals.

  • Reduce experimental errors resulting from ID - This could mean saving $1000s per study

  • Build a workflow around the tag to minimize labor

**SwiftSCIENCE NOT required. These tags and readers work with any computer as keyboard input.

SwifTAG Injectables
Permanent ID


  • Rodent ID that integrates seamlessly with SwiftSCIENCE software

  • Inexpensive glass capsule RFID chips for instant animal identification

  • 3 - 5 inch read range

  • Works handheld/wireless reader or SwiftREAD Cage Reader

  • Best pricing on the market!

$3.50 - $5 / Tag

Handheld & USB


  • Handheld - Portable handheld wireless RFID binds via keyboard input to your computer

  • Never lose track of where your animals are

  • Easily confirm breeding pairs, experimental group, study allocation & more...

$150 / Unit

Cage Reader



  • Cage Reader - ID & Log an entire cage of animals at once

  • Make updating your animal colony software automatic and error-free

  • Never lose track of where your animals are

  • Easily confirm breeding pairs, experimental group, study allocation & more...


Inovive rackk.jpeg

Buying New Racks?

Inovive Rack.jpeg

If you're buying new racks, we recommend our partner, innovive. Their racks offer: 

  • Easier Installation for SwiftSENSE video monitoring equipment

  • Clear cages with Optimal clarity & visibility for monitoring animal health.


Visit innovive's website to learn more or purchase racks!