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SwiftSCIENCE is a hardware enabled software company that is accelerating the drug development process with cutting edge solutions that automate and streamline preclinical animal research. $10’s of millions to billions are wasted every year on human trials for drugs that were never going to work because the animal studies that supported them didn’t produce quality data. SwiftSCIENCE is focused on creating novel datasets that improve the probability that a candidate drug tested in mice will work in humans.. Our product lines include remote video monitoring of home cages, injectable RFID tags and readers, census, and support software.


SwiftSCIENCE concepts and products were conceived by active researchers in the medical field who recognized the dramatic inefficiencies of existing small animal management systems and processes. Our mission is to bring high technology and medical research together to drive down costs and increase the time researchers spend doing actual research. We envision laboratories where animal management systems are functional, low maintenance, efficient, and as easy to use as a well-designed smartphone app. We want to see researchers focusing on medical breakthroughs, not on mindless small animal logistics. Our product lines include small animal tags, handheld and tabletop readers, cage and rack readers, whole laboratory management systems, and support software.

"We are a hardware-enabled software company."

The SwiftSCIENCE Advantage

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We design our integrated systems to be “invisible“. They support your experiments and research by providing data instantly and easily, without getting in the way.


Our technology is designed to optimize the use of animals in research. Fewer animals, better data.


Our systems reduce working time while maintaining the highest level of data integrity.


We focus on minimizing overhead costs associated excess working time and hardware.


We provide integrated hardware and software developed for usability and dependability to minimize the learning curve.

We are Coders AND Scientists

The software as a service (SaaS) model is a new way for the preclinical research industry to obtain high quality software with minimal headache.

You Get a Dedicated Software Development Company

Software Developer Or Scientist. You Don't Have to Choose. With SwifTAG you get both.

No Exorbitant Fees for Bug Fixes or Updates for Features You Already Paid For. 

The People Who Developed Our Software Still Work Here.

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