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Simplifying Animal Science

SwiftSCIENCE produces innovative hardware enabled software solutions that automate and streamline preclinical animal research. Our products allow researchers, facilities, and organizations to capture novel datasets, optimize time and effort, and enhance animal care, while reducing costs and risk.

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Services for the Entire Biomedical Research Community...



The SwiftSCIENCE Advantage

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We design our integrated systems to be “invisible“. They support your experiments and research by providing data instantly and easily, without getting in the way.


Our technology is designed to optimize the use of animals in research. Fewer animals, better data.


Our systems reduce working time while maintaining the highest level of data integrity.


We focus on minimizing overhead costs associated excess working time and hardware.


We provide integrated hardware and software developed for usability and dependability to minimize the learning curve.


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The only scalable video-based home cage monitoring solution on the market. One or more cameras per cage to monitor 1000's of cages in real-time 24/7. Boost animal health, reduce labor burdens & increase scientific productivity.

Examples of pricing and Affordability
Starter Kit
  • Access to SwiftSCIENCE Platform Video Monitoring Module

  • Remote Video-Based Monitoring​

  • Up to 4 Portable Camera Setups

  • Basic SwiftSupport

  • 3-Month Minimum Contract

  • Hardware Rental is included as part of the monthly subscription fee

  • No Setup Fees

  • Limit 1 per customer

Starting at:

$200 / Month

Low Cost Husbandry Model
  • 1 Camera per cage

  • Semi-continuous monitoring or at a scale that is correct for your use case

  • Full access to the platform

  • Daily Cage Inspection workflow with auditable data storage

= A Scaled activity and welfare model that can be used for everyday work

The goal is to provide a solution for facilities that want to use cameras as a husbandry and care tool.

Scientific Level Monitoring
  • 1-4 cameras per cage 

  • High resolution - up to 1080p

  • Frame rate - up to 30FPS

  • Fully Continuous Activity monitoring

  • Access to the full platform for monitoring of activity continuously

  • Access to SwifScience for experimental development using simple techniques or machine learning.


Computer vision-based barcode scanning. SwiftCENSUS can scan more than 80 barcodes in a single smartphone image. This means it is 80x faster than traditional barcode scanning methods. You get highly accurate inventory information with less labor. How many cages does your facility have right now? 

Starting at $1,200.00

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Unique injectable (subcutaneous) RFID microtransponder priced for every animal. We use scalable hardware to enable RFID to reach any user who needs animals permanently tagged. Integrates to any software provider using our inexpensive scanners. Tags $2 & up with readers at $150 & up.

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