We design our integrated systems to be “invisible“. They support your experiments and research by providing data instantly and easily, without getting in the way.


We provide integrated hardware and software developed for usability and dependability to minimize the learning curve.


Our systems reduce working time while maintaining the highest level of data integrity.


Our technology is designed to optimize the use of animals in research. Fewer animals, better data.


We focus on minimizing overhead costs associated excess working time and hardware.


SwifTAG Systems concepts and products were conceived by active researchers in the medical field who recognized the dramatic inefficiencies of existing small animal management systems and processes. Our mission is to bring high technology and medical research together to drive down costs and increase the time researchers spend doing actual research. We envision laboratories where animal management systems are functional, low maintenance, efficient, and as easy to use as a well-designed smartphone app. We want to see researchers focusing on medical breakthroughs, not on mindless small animal logistics. Our product lines include small animal tags, handheld and tabletop readers, cage and rack readers, whole laboratory management systems, and support software.



Home Cage Health Monitoring & Cage Inspection
​What is It?
  • Novel Home Cage Video Monitoring System

  • Retrofits to Existing Racks at Low Cost

  • Continuous Video Monitoring of Entire Colonies

  • Easy Visual Cage Inspection By Staff

Better Animal Care
  • Automated Health Event Tracking 

  • Digitized/Standardized Health Data

  • Stress Free for Animals

  • Post-Surgical Monitoring

  • ABSL3+ Managed With No Hassle

Decreased Labor
  • Remotely Complete Cage Checks

  • No Removing Cages from Rack

  • Visualize Animals When Active

  • No PPE, Walking to Remote Facilities

Enhancing Science 
  • Novel Raw Activity Tracking Data for Experiments

  • Scientists Access & Monitor Animals With Ease

  • Reducing Unnecessary Study Animal Loss

  • Reduce Animal Stress for Behavioral Study Animals  

Unlimited Potential
  • Automated Census

  • Experimental Add-ons

  • Remote Work

  • Automated Cage Issues (e.g. Flooding, No Food)

  • Vital Monitoring

How Scientists & Facilities Use It

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SwiftSENSE Pricing


Introductory package to try the product or for small organizations

Remote Video-Based Monitoring

Up to 4 Portable Camera Setups

Basic SwiftSupport

3-Month Minimum Contract

Hardware Rental is included as part of the monthly subscription fee

No Setup Fees

Starting at:

$200 / Month


For organizations with more cages and those who want continuous animal monitoring for more cages

Remote Video-Based Monitoring

Continuous Animal Monitoring

Longer Video and Data Storage

Premium SwiftSupport

Unlimited Number of Cameras

Access to Cutting Edge Features Under Development

Custom Integrations and Setups

Starting at:

$600 / Month

+ Hardware cost starting at $80/cage*

+ Initial setup fees - starting at $2,000

* Nonprofits may be eligible for Zero ($0) Hardware cost systems w/ everything included. 



Computer Vision-Based Cage Census

Laser/Digital Barcode Scanners

  • Scan Every Single Cage 1 by 1

  • No/Minimal Technical Support by Vendor

  • Causes Repetitive Use Injuries & Headaches

  • Extremely Tedious

  • Lowers Frequency of Scans

  • Decreased Accuracy from Fatigue & Scan Less Often



Bulk Computer Vision 2D Barcode Reading

  • Simply Snap a Photo with a Smartphone

  • Scan Up to 100 Barcode Scans with 1 Click

  • 80%+ Less Scanning Labor

  • Save 100's of Hours on Employee Labor

  • Increase Operational Efficiency By Scanning More Often

  • Build into the Daily Husbandry Routine for Real-Time Accuracy

Starting At:

$100 / Month

Phone Screen
​What is It?
  • The Only Computer Vision Based Census System Available

  • Unobtrusive Census/Event Logging

  • Track Cage Changes, Health Checks, Clinical Calls by the Specific Cage

  • Understand Employee Time and Effort

  • Know Where All Your Cages Are and Who They Belong To

  • Optimize Space Utilization at the Rack Level

  • Optimize Cage Change Schedule Per Cage

  • Integrates with your Software Provider

SwiftCENSUS Pricing


Small-Facilities with No Software Implemented (< 3,000 cages)

Mobile App to Automate Inventory

PDF/Excel Export of Monthly Invoices


Up to 2 Full Facility Inventory Scans Per Week

Starting at:

$100 / Month


Medium-size Facilities with or without Software Implemented

Mobile App to Automate Inventory

PDF/Excel Export of Monthly Invoices

Web Dashboard for Inventory Management


Up to 3 Full Facility Inventory Scans Per Week

Full software integration with your Provider

Starting at:

$500 / Month

Large Scale Facilities

Large Facilities with Software in Place

Mobile App to Automate Inventory

PDF/Excel Export of Monthly Invoices

Web Dashboard for Inventory Management


Unlimited Full Facility Inventory Scans Per Week

Full software integration with your Provider

Starting at:

$1000 / Month


SwifTAG Animal ID System

Novel Rodent RFID Ear Tag
Electronic Ear Tag
  • Longest Read Range of Any Rodent Ear Tag

  • Easy to Apply


    Integrates with Study Management System

Lab Management Software
Integrate with Your Provider
  • We Collaborate with Your Lab Management Software Provider

  • Seamless Integration with All of Our Hardware

Tabletop Tag Reader
  • Reads Whole Cages of Animals for for Automated Documentation

  • Auto-update of Database






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